Ionized Water
Myths about the Alkaline Ionized Water. Is it a Scam?

Some websites on the internet spout off the myth by saying that alkaline ionized water is just like any other regular drinking water and that there is no truth in its power. Some go ahead and say that drinking alkaline water can be bad for one’s health. However, these claims are very far from the truth, and the following factors prove that these myths are wrong.

What is Micro-Clustered Ionized Water and Why it’s Different?

Water is essential for life, and taking in ionized water is a very beneficial step for health maintenance. However, all water is not the same, and there is water that you can drink and get more benefit from as compared to other types of water. One example of highly beneficial water is the micro-clustered ionized water, or the structured ionized water as is known in some circles. In order to understand the benefits of the structured ionized water, it is important to know what this water is, and how different it is from the normal tap water.

About Water Ionizer Machines

What benefits does alkaline ionized water give to our bodies? This question has been investigated in the world for several decades. The undeniable leader in this is Japan. In this country, after a decade of research, the Ministry of Health approved water ionizer machines as a medical device for health improvement in 1996. In 1970, North Korea (at a later date) also started to approve alkaline water machines as medical devices. In the present time, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA are the leaders in water ionizer production, which are sold worldwide. It is a wonderful example of the partnership between science and business.

What are Acidic Ionized Water Benefits and How to use Them?

To describe the acidic ionized water benefits let’s look first at the ionized water types to understand the difference. There are two basic ionized water types depending on whether the water contains more hydrogen H+ or hydroxyl OH- ions. If there are more OH- ions in the water – it’s the alkaline ionized water. If there are more H+ ions – it’s the acidic ionized water.

How Can You Use Ionized Water for Cooking and Cleaning?

Ionized water for cleaning and cooking Ever wondered how you can use the ionized water for cooking and cleaning at home? Well wonder no more, some other sorts of ionized water, which are not so well-known, can be very useful as well.

What are the Water Ionizers FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions?

How does the ionization process take place?

For example, water from the tap is run through the negative and positive electrodes where ionization takes place. The ionized water is thereafter separated into ionized acidic and ionized alkaline water.

Does Your Water have pH Above 7 Like Ionized Water pH?


Ionization is the process in which the substance is split into its constituent elements and those elements then exist in the form of ions. Water is a covalent bon between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Water can be ionized if it is put in the electrolysis chamber where there are positive and negative electrodes. Water splits into positive hydrogen ions and negative hydroxide ions. All the molecules in the water are not split in this process and the few that ionize gather at electrodes where they are collected.

Water with Hydroxide and Hydrogen Ions

Now we can notice that there will be two types of waters collected in this process namely the water at positive electrode containing hydroxide ions and water collected at negative electrode containing positive hydrogen ions. The water with positive hydrogen ions has acidic properties and is not fit for drinking because in this ionized water pH has reduced below 7. Our body already has acidic properties due to which we cannot drink acidic water because it will destroy metabolism and increase blood problems. While water with hydroxide ions has alkaline properties and in this ionized water pH is above 7. This means that it will neutralize free radicals in our body and make nutrients available for us at most of the times. Naturally occurring ionized water such as rainwater is also acidic because of pollution and so is our tap water due to industrial waste. But in any ionized water pH should not reduce below 7 because it would make it acidic and we do not need it for drinking at least. So we can use this acidic water for cleaning purposes because it has sterilizing properties.

Purpose of Ionized Water

Water ionizing machines create both types of water and both are important but for different purposes. However, main purpose is to create drinking water. Ionized water pH below 7 is a remedy for many problems since it acts as an antioxidant in our body and strengthens metabolism and reduces the aging process. This type of purified water can help us cure autism because one of the main reasons of autism includes excessive need of antioxidants.

Ionized Water FAQs. Part 7. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

You shouldn’t drink alkaline ionized water briefly before eating.  Stop drinking any water a half hour before the meal. If you are filling the stomach with water along with food you are creating indigestion. So, don’t do that. Get hydrated before you eat, and afterwards.

What are the Water Ionizers FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions?

Water Ionizer FAQ Consumers of alkaline ionized water often ask questions concerning water ionizer machines. Some of these water ionizers FAQs are the following:

How does the ionization process take place?

For example, water from the tap is run through the negative and positive electrodes where ionization takes place. The ionized water is thereafter separated into ionized acidic and ionized alkaline water.

How the Ionized Water Can Supplement the Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet is a diet where an individual largely eats foodstuffs that are alkaline in nature and drinks ionized water, while avoiding most of the acidic ones. We often hear that there are people on a diet, and the reasons that people give for being on a diet are different.